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“Our new web site is terrific, thank you so much for everything! ”
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John Harris
President & CEO
Axiom Network Solutions
“Excellent... thanks for the great job... I love it... you're awesome... looks fantastic! ”
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When building a web site, it is important to factor in many variables: your mission, the needs of your audience, server-side technology considerations, client-side browser limitations, internet connectivity speeds, site promotion and more. Ultimately, you will rely on the knowlege and skills of your designer to address these variables.

If you do not not choose a web designer carefully, lots of money and time can be wasted. I have heard my share of horror stories of expensive, bloated websites that failed because of ineffectual design.

Effective web design for most businesses translates in to effective information design. Information regarding your message or product must be easy to find and read. Web design should never overpower or distract from the information customers are looking for. It should support your message and serve to improve its clarity and impact.

Effective web design is focused on simplicity. Clear, easy to navigate pages are a competitive advantage which makes you stand out on the Internet. Navigation should be consistent from page to page and easy to figure out. Information should not be muddled by odd colors and bizarre graphics.

Since 1997, I have been designing sites which effectively communicate the intended message, are simple to use and easy to navigate. From start to finish, I can help you create a tool that is organic and compelling.

I invite you to contact me when you need a web site. Together we can make the Internet work towards your goals and objectives.

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